Managing expectations

19 April 2007

I’m setting the bar pretty low.

Blogging here is likely to be sporadic, I can tell you that from the outset. Commenting on other peoples’ blogs will be even worse. I read hundreds of blogs, but I’m a dedicated lurker. Commenting, for me, requires a heroic effort to squash the mosquito voice in my head telling me how stupid I sound and what a crappy writer I am. And then when I do comment I end up feeling guilty for not commenting more.

I won’t blog about work. I will probably blog about knitting and spinning, though I don’t generally take pictures, and my progress on projects is excruciatingly slow because I really only knit on commutes, during stolen moments at rehearsals, waiting on line (I’m from New York, it’s “on line,” get over it), and anywhere else I would otherwise be bored, and I hardly ever spin.

Singing and music will crop up, but probably only in a general and personal way, since most of what I do counts as work. If I’m organized and motivated enough I might use this space to chronicle the wines and wineries my lovely husband C. and I are discovering. Maybe also the books I’m reading.

Also? There will be whining. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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2 Responses to “Managing expectations”

  1. Francesca Says:

    Just as long as there’s more wine than whine. :)

  2. SBF Says:

    Hurray! Welcome to the herd. Baaaa!

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