Roshambo 2005 “The Obvious” Sauvignon Blanc

22 April 2007

[Disclaimer: I’m far from being a wine expert. I often find myself thinking “I know I liked/disliked that bottle, but I can’t remember why,” so journaling wines now and then seems like a good idea.]

I returned home late last night from a concert and found C. curled up in his leather armchair reading, with a wine glass beside him half-filled what looked at first glance like water. Turns out it was one of the wines we received in our latest order from Roshambo, a winery he discovered while working at a choir camp near Healdsburg, CA.

Before even taking a sip of the glass he poured me, I tried to get a handle on the color. This wine really is almost colorless; visually it reminded me of melted lemon sorbet, only transparent. My first few sips weren’t too memorable, but once the wine had gotten some air into it and wasn’t quite so cold I began to enjoy the flavors that developed. This is one of the more subtle Sauvignon Blancs I’ve tasted: light bodied, on the dry side, and not shouting “Citrus!” or “Tropical Fruit!” at you. Those notes are there – and they’re one of the reasons I generally gravitate to Sauv Blanc rather than the heavier whites – but they are integrated well.

C. tells me we have another bottle of this from an earlier club shipment – happy day!

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One Response to “Roshambo 2005 “The Obvious” Sauvignon Blanc”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Familiar with North Berkeley Wine? MLK & Cedar. Ask for Tracey.

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