Open Letter

27 April 2007

Dear obnoxious BART commuter:

There’s no way that you could know that I generally dislike making small talk with complete strangers. That said, making snide comments to your seatmate in the third person is precisely the wrong way to get me to turn my head from my knitting to acknowledge you. Bonus wrongness points for mentioning Madame Defarge.

I can ignore you for much, much longer than it will take for you to get bored with trying to get a rise out of me, so why don’t you try a different tack, like maybe asking me a direct question? You don’t even need to compliment the knitting; just ask me about it and I’ll answer you politely, and maybe even chat for a little bit if I’m feeling extraverted. Here, I’ll even save you having to come up with something:

  • How come you’re using so many needles?
  • Is that knitting or crochet?
  • What are you working on?
  • What’s the point of knitting socks when you can just buy them? (Some knitters will be annoyed by this one. I’ll answer it, but you may not get small talk afterward.)

And because I’m feeling generous, a tip for dealing with future female knitters you may encounter: If you see one working on something that looks like it might possibly be for a baby, do not assume she is pregnant, especially not out loud. I did not turn and poke you in the eye, but others may not be as restrained.

Thank you,

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Managing expectations

19 April 2007

I’m setting the bar pretty low.

Blogging here is likely to be sporadic, I can tell you that from the outset. Commenting on other peoples’ blogs will be even worse. I read hundreds of blogs, but I’m a dedicated lurker. Commenting, for me, requires a heroic effort to squash the mosquito voice in my head telling me how stupid I sound and what a crappy writer I am. And then when I do comment I end up feeling guilty for not commenting more.

I won’t blog about work. I will probably blog about knitting and spinning, though I don’t generally take pictures, and my progress on projects is excruciatingly slow because I really only knit on commutes, during stolen moments at rehearsals, waiting on line (I’m from New York, it’s “on line,” get over it), and anywhere else I would otherwise be bored, and I hardly ever spin.

Singing and music will crop up, but probably only in a general and personal way, since most of what I do counts as work. If I’m organized and motivated enough I might use this space to chronicle the wines and wineries my lovely husband C. and I are discovering. Maybe also the books I’m reading.

Also? There will be whining. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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